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Crochet Body Loofah. These handmade crochet into a rose body loofah are great gifts and for yourself. Exfoliating the skin so it can absorb the lotion and not just be on the surface. Made with Yarn Bee scrub-ology scrub it!  Testimony written by a customer below. Face scrubbie and body loofah:I have very dry, sensitive skin. Like to the point where most things (loofahs, exfoliating washes etc) give me literal scratches, rashes and welts on my skin. I tried the face scrubbie first and honestly wasn’t really expecting much, but omg this has changed my skin care routine. As a lover of microdermabrasion I’m honestly in awe that this little scrubbie gives me the same smooth and soft skin that I only usually get after a 50-100$ procedure. I use my same gentle face wash so no harsh chemicals or scratching beads and come out with a clean, clear noticeably glowing face. The best part is I can throw this little guy in my wash and sanitize it. My face is smooth, my pores are smaller and my make up and lotion go on so smooth, I couldn’t ask for a better tool in my skin care regiment. Body loofah:I was excited to try this body loofah. The cheap ones in the stores are so harsh they always end up scratching and irritating my skin, the material on this wasn’t as abrasive so I had hope it would work out better for me. In the winter my skin gets very dry and irritated and I tend to get patches of eczema.  I constantly lather lotion on my skin and after using this loofah I noticed not only did I need way less lotion than normal what little lotion I did use absorbed so much better. My skin felt so soft and the patch of eczema I had on my arm disappeared in days. Of course the downside of something like this working so well is now my husband has stolen it, guess it’s time to buy myself another lol.

2MC - Crochet Body Loofah

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